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Fly Punk magazine – Issue 4

Issue 4 of Fly Punk Magazine!

After the success of our first three issues, we are pleased to announce that the fourth issue of Fly Punk magazine ( has been released. Aimed at the younger generation of fly fishers, you cannot help but be drawn into our sport by the passion each contributor has. Issue 4 leads with a feature on fly fishing in Finland and how to earn a living from fly fishing, and has stories from USA, French Polynesia, South Africa and Switzerland. We even included a few videos which we thought you may like!

Planned for publication once every other month the magazine is packed full of people who all have experiences to share. We believe these will influence the future of our sport/art (depending on your perspective). This is not your normal fly fishing magazine, we won’t show you how to do it, instead we will try to figure out and share why we all do it.

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Deer Hair Cicada – Daniel Seaman

Materials list:
River Road Creations – Beavertail Foam Cutter Large
6mm Crosslink Foam
10/0 Veevus Thread – Hot Orange

Daiichi 3111 size 1/0
UTC 140 – Any color
Super Glue
Parapost – Hot Orange
Mallard Flank – Natural
Veevus 200D Gel Spun Thread
Deer Belly Hair
Double Edge Razor Blade

Cautery Tool
UV Resin

Daniel mentions that the body of this fly is from Fly Fish Food’s Project Cicada. So here is the link to all of the information about that pattern: Project Cicada from Fly Fish Food.

Finished cicada tied by Daniel Seaman.

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Establishing Thread Control – Kelly Galloup

From Kelly:
“Thread control is perhaps the most important element in all of fly tying, but is seldom discussed. Once you learn to establish proper thread control, your speed and efficiency will increase dramatically in addition to making your flies look more consistent.”

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Game Warden

This fly was designed by Earl Madsen in the late 1950s in honor of his friend Clarence Roberts. Earl was a famous Michigan river boat builder and legendary fly tyer of the Au Sable River in Grayling, Michigan. He has designed many popular Michigan flies, including the Madsen Skunk.

This particular fly was tied by Jerry Regan, a fabulous Michigan fly tyer himself.

This dry fly can be used for the big Yellow May hatch (Ephemera varia) in July.
NOTE: I’ve had good luck with white flies even when there isn’t a hatch. So give this fly a try at other times too. As Jerry will tell you, there doesn’t have to be a hatch happening for some of these flies to work and work well. -Paul

Fish the fly dead drift, twitched or skated.

***As you will notice in the material list, the butts of the underwing, which is deer hair, are pulled up and used as a post.

Materials list:
Hook: Mustad #94831 Size: 10
Thread: Yellow, 3/0
Body: Yellow Poly Yarn
Rib: Maroon Embroidery Floss, DMC #815
Underwing: Deer Hair, tied down wing style
Post: The butts of the underwing pulled upright, trimmed short.
Overwing: Grizzly Hen Neck, tied down wing, delta style.
Hackle: Brown & Grizzly, mixed, tied parachute.


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Green Back Tiger – Morten Valeur

From Ahrex:
“Tied by Morten Valeur. A large streamer for pike and musky. Tied on a light hook (Ahrex PR351 Light Predator Barbless) and with Fish Mask and Dragon Eyes from Flymen Fishing Company. Easy to cast but very much alive under water.”

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Flies With Attitude, Vlog#2 River pike in Ireland

From Norbert:
“Caution, some bad language may feature on this vlog…
Fly fishing for river pikes is one of my favorite thing to do, beautiful Irish landscapes, good pikes , good company makes for a great day out. Soon we will be in the new upcoming raft from Smithfly.”

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Borchers Parachute – Tim Neal

Tim Neal has a series that he has started on YouTube titled, “Tying Michigan’s Best Trout Flies”. Tim shows you how to tie a Borchers Parachute in this fly tying video. There are many that prefer the Borchers over the Adams, including me. So be sure to check this one out!


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Cat Nip – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“I give a step by step instruction on tying an Eye Candy variation in the form of a Wiggle Tailed Swing Fly. The fly is designed to be swung/dredged for species such as Channel Cats, yet can be equally effective for Walleye, Bass, Pike, etc. The fly features a Palo Pacchiarini Wiggle Tail in Holo Black, size medium – From Rapax Fly Fishing.”

Hook: Ahrex, #1 Predator Trailing Hook PR 383
Shank: FlymenFishingCo 25mm Senyo’s articulated shank
Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Hook Wire, for size 6 and up or a 30lb nylon coated stainless steel substitute (0.018″ dia – 49 strand)
Wiggle Tail: Palo Pacchiarini Tail, Holo Black, size medium with a Snap for Tail

Body: EP Foxy Brush (3″), EP Sparkle Brush (3″)
Rubber Legs: Senyo’s Fushion Foil Legs
Head: Ice Dub in dubbing loop
Eyes: Painted Lead Eyes (Large)

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Southern Culture on the Fly – Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 edition of Southern Culture on the Fly is live! Check it out!

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Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly – InTheRiffle

From InTheRiffle:
“The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly is a great Salmonfly Dry Fly Pattern for large picky trout in slower water and pools. The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly was developed on the world famous Henry’s Fork River, by Mike Lawson, and continues to be a popular Salmon Fly Dry for wary trout. The Henry’s Fork Salmon Fly is best tied large, on a #06 dry fly hook, and is most often fished near the bank.”

Materials List:
Hook: #06 Tiemco 5212
Thread: Orange UTC 140
Tail: Black Coastal Deer Hair
Body: Rusty Orange Hareline Dubbing
Wing: Natural Elk Hair
Head: Black Coastal Deer Hair
Legs: Brown Whiting Rooster Cape

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