Transparent Baitfish SBS by Agne Sjöberg

Materials list:
Hook: Ahrex NS122 size 6
Tying thread: mono 004
Tail: 2 coq de leon feathers and 1 guinea fowl feather
Body dubbing: Ice dub uv pearl and fl red seals fur
Gills: 2 guinea fowl tips
Front dubbing: White STF
Back: Ripple ice fibers UV pearl, olive & black
Eyes: 4mm
Head: Loon uv fly finish thick & flow

1: Tie the thread to the hook bend

2: Cut the tip and strip off some fibers on a guinea fowl feather

3: Take two coc de leon feathers, strip of the soft fibers and glue the tips together. Then put the guinea fowl feather in between, secure with uv resin.

4: Tie in the tail

5: Dub the body

6: Dub the gills

7/8: Tie in one guinea fowl tips on each side

9: Brush the body

10/11: Tie in some STF under and on top

12: Fold back the STF and brush it.

13: Tie in some ripple ice uv pearl and fold back

14: Tie in some ripple ice olive and fold back

15: Tie in some ripple ice black and fold back

16: Whipfinish

17: Attach eyes

18: Build the head with uv resin

19: Finished fly

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