Cat Nip – Gunnar Brammer

From Gunnar:
“I give a step by step instruction on tying an Eye Candy variation in the form of a Wiggle Tailed Swing Fly. The fly is designed to be swung/dredged for species such as Channel Cats, yet can be equally effective for Walleye, Bass, Pike, etc. The fly features a Palo Pacchiarini Wiggle Tail in Holo Black, size medium – From Rapax Fly Fishing.”

Hook: Ahrex, #1 Predator Trailing Hook PR 383
Shank: FlymenFishingCo 25mm Senyo’s articulated shank
Wire: Senyo’s Intruder Trailer Hook Wire, for size 6 and up or a 30lb nylon coated stainless steel substitute (0.018″ dia – 49 strand)
Wiggle Tail: Palo Pacchiarini Tail, Holo Black, size medium with a Snap for Tail

Body: EP Foxy Brush (3″), EP Sparkle Brush (3″)
Rubber Legs: Senyo’s Fushion Foil Legs
Head: Ice Dub in dubbing loop
Eyes: Painted Lead Eyes (Large)

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  1. Hi Gunnar,
    “26 minutes?? Way too long for me, i’ll skip here and there.”
    I didn’t and watched and listened. Your skills are good, your talking is informative and entertaining. I’m building pikeflies for over twenty years but still i learn. Thanks!
    Dutch (but generous šŸ˜‰ )regards,