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IBF Fundraiser Auction August 12-19

By Carl Sanders of Flymph Forum:
“The IBF Fundraiser Auction will begin this Saturday, August 12 and continue thru August 19. Anyone is welcome to place bids. Please make bids in US $ amounts. The auction will be run in a simple format. Send me your bid amount via the Lymph Forum Messenger or contact me thru my website Each day during the week I will post the top bid amount in the comments of this thread on the Flymph Forum.
Flymph Forum IBF thread

If you would like your bid to remain anonymous please let me know when you place your bid. Bidding will end 12pm US Eastern Standard Time on August 19th. Winning bid will receive all three items in the photo ad. The signed copy of Robert Smith’s “The North Country Fly”, a new C&F compartment/nymph box and 63 flymphs tied by 14 international expert tiers. The winning bid will also get to select a group/non-profit of their choice to receive an identical set of the 63 flies offered for auction. I will cover all the costs of shipping. Payment can be made to me by check, money order, PayPal etc. in US funds. All money raised goes to help the International Brotherhood of the Flymph (IBF) produce quality pins for membership.

The Contributor Raffle for the 3rd set of flies will take place on August 20th. 😉

PS. Robert Smith also contributed flies so the signed book will also come with flies tied by the author.”


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