Shawn’s Baby Blue Mini Spey

This beauty was tied by Shawn Britton of Flies by Britton. Shawn loves to spend time on the Farmington River and owns a guide service and shop nearby. Here is the recipe and a note from Shawn.

Hook: Gamakatsu #8 Octopus – Blue Finish
Thread: Black Uni 8/0
Tail: Spey Hackle/Schlappen – Kingfisher Blue
Body: One Jungle cock Feather, slightly cupped on top of hook shank.
Collar: Spey Hackle/Schlappen – Kingfisher Blue. Full hackle with Tip tied in and two wraps.
Face Collar: Natural wood duck, one side stripped with tip tied in. One wrap.

Note: Whenever we got time we tie up “extra flies” that you normally would not bother to tie, just to switch it up. I really like tying smaller flies with color. I use the Red hooks a lot. These don’t get much simpler and they look cool in the fly box. They’ll catch a few fish too.
Tightlines’ Shawn


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2 Responses to Shawn’s Baby Blue Mini Spey

  1. When I look at flies like these, the first thought is that they are too beautiful to fish.