Double Down muskie fly – Ben Treppa

Let me just say that Ben has been great to me and FrankenFly. You might have seen his previous fly I posted here that he amazingly named FrankenShrimp. How could you not love that name? Then I contact Ben a few days ago and ask if he had anything else in his bag of flies and he did! He told me he has been working on this muskie fly and sent me a photo. I thought it was awesome! So Ben sat down and put a lot of work into this step-by-step to show everyone how to tie this beautiful beast. Keep in mind this is a big fly and there are a lot of steps. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks Ben!


Double Down Musky Fly

Rear Hook- Mustad 7825-NI 4/0
Front Hook- Gamakatsu SL12S 6/0
Thread- G.S.P, Red
Black Bucktail
Orange Bucktail
Fluorescent Orange Marabou
White Marabou
Gold Magnum Flashabou
Fluorescent Orange Rooster Saddle
Grizzly Saddle
Black Arctic Fox
Wire/Hard Mono/Fluoro (for connection)
Zap-a-Gap, or any other super glue
Deer Creek Gator Eyez
Deer Creek Diamond Hard Tack Free


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  1. If you wish I could film attacks underwater on your flies.