Game Warden

This fly was designed by Earl Madsen in the late 1950s in honor of his friend Clarence Roberts. Earl was a famous Michigan river boat builder and legendary fly tyer of the Au Sable River in Grayling, Michigan. He has designed many popular Michigan flies, including the Madsen Skunk.

This particular fly was tied by Jerry Regan, a fabulous Michigan fly tyer himself.

This dry fly can be used for the big Yellow May hatch (Ephemera varia) in July.
NOTE: I’ve had good luck with white flies even when there isn’t a hatch. So give this fly a try at other times too. As Jerry will tell you, there doesn’t have to be a hatch happening for some of these flies to work and work well. -Paul

Fish the fly dead drift, twitched or skated.

***As you will notice in the material list, the butts of the underwing, which is deer hair, are pulled up and used as a post.

Materials list:
Hook: Mustad #94831 Size: 10
Thread: Yellow, 3/0
Body: Yellow Poly Yarn
Rib: Maroon Embroidery Floss, DMC #815
Underwing: Deer Hair, tied down wing style
Post: The butts of the underwing pulled upright, trimmed short.
Overwing: Grizzly Hen Neck, tied down wing, delta style.
Hackle: Brown & Grizzly, mixed, tied parachute.


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2 Responses to Game Warden

  1. Tim Neal

    Thanks for posting these Michigan flies; they are still highly effective to this day. Earl was indeed the innovator of Michigan tyers; Mr. Regan is not far behind! Thanks to him for keeping these original patterns alive and well.