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Tie Like a Pro – Episode 2 and 3 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has already released episodes 2 and 3 of Tie Like a Pro. So I figured I would go ahead and get them posted to follow-up the last post. See the information below from Gunnar.

“This is just a scratch on the surface on articulating flies and is intended to get you started on building your own platforms with proper spacing, hook selection, and proportionality. Episode 2 of Tie Like a Pro is all about the “how to” of articulating streamers. In this episode we go over hooks, spacing and beads, wire placement and types of wire, creating a vertical wire loop, and proportionality based on your reference point- the hook shank. We also discuss how and why articulated flies came to be and what problem they solved in predator fly fishing.”

“For the longest time I struggled with getting hackles to lay correctly, either for the tail or fins – my feathers would often twist away from the orientation I intended, or my feathers would twist when I’d go to palmer them – reversing the concavity….Episode 3 of Tie Like a Pro is all about working with hackles! In this episode we are going to look at differences in Saddle Hackle vs. Schlappen, tying in hackles vertically and horizontally to achieve desired affects, figure 8-ing hackle and the importance of controlling concavity for fly durability, as well as some minor differences in palmering materials from their base to tip/tip to base and its affect on fly silhouette and bulk.”

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Tie Like a Pro – Episode 1 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has started a new fly tying video series called “Tie Like a Pro” where he asked for questions from subscribers and is now answering those questions. This is the first episode.

From Gunnar:
“This is episode 1 of Tie Like a Pro! To start off this series we are taking a quick look into the basics of tying and thread control. Topics include proper hook placement, casting on, thread base, thread tension, spinning threads, pinch/set/and lock wraps, and different threads used for streamer tying.” About me – head to the blog section of my Website:

The fly tying vise Gunnar is using in the video is an HMH Standard.

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Streamer Chronicles S2E1 — Rich Strolis

Brian Wise is kicking off Season Two of Streamer Chronicles with Rich Strolis. Rich is the originator of some well known flies such as the Ice Pick, Headbanger Sculpin, The Masked Avenger, Juggernaut, and many, many more.

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The Fly Tying of Fred Klein

Grizzly King Bucktail Streamer

My name is Fred Klein, I am from Pennsylvania and started tying flies over 40 years ago with my mother’s wooden clothes pin and sketches from library books.

My family moved to an old farmhouse in the woods with a spring stream and cold pond full of brook trout. My first fly rod was a gift when I was ten years old over 40 years ago. What a gift that was! I started tying flies using a wooden clothes pin as a vice from library book sketches. We had several trout streams near home including the Schuylkill River (Dutch for Hidden River) as well as the Appalachian Mountains.

Being drawn to the wilderness I have pursued wild brown and brook trout with the fly. The beauty and artistry of the old flies as well as fishing with very old fly rods has been my passion.

Tying flies from painted plates from classic books such as Mary Orvis Marbury’s Favorite Flies’1892, and Ray Bergman’s Trout ‘1938 has been a captivating artistic endeavor bringing the beautiful, colorful flies from the golden days of fly fishing alive.

These old patterns are still as functional on the streams and rivers today as they were centuries ago. I have broken away from following the popular styles of today’s fly tying and fishing to pursue trout with the tools of yesterday.

If you want to see more of Fred’s flies and keep up on his latest, follow him on Instagram @haresear100

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Flies Around the Net – September 2017

Yes, I know, I’m running a little late with this. But here it is! Thanks for reading FrankenFly!

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The Gig Harbor Fly Shop ties up the Kilowatt. Known to do well for catching Coho Salmon, it will catch other species as well. It’s a simple pattern, so try it out!

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Nicholas Pink Mini Fish Taco Tube

Jay Nicholas demonstrates how to tie and rig a hook on this effective steelhead fly – the Pink Mini Fish Taco Tube Fly.

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Bloom’s Black and Gold – Dave Bloom

Dave Bloom ties up his Bloom’s Black and Gold steelhead pattern. Dave is a guide and tier on the mighty Missouri River in the Craig, Montana area. He’s guided in South American and has decades of experience in the fly fishing industry but has a passion for steelhead fishing.

Materials list:

Hook: Alec Jackson Spey (Gold) #3-#7
Thread: 6/0 Black
Tail: Hot Red or Hot Orange Golden Pheasant Crest
Body: Black SLF with small oval gold tinsel rib
Wing: Orange Artic Fox under Golden Pheasant Rump

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Loon Outdoors Introduces New Ergonomic Tools and UV Lights

ASHLAND, ORE (October 4, 2017)Loon Outdoors, maker of fine fishing and fly tying tools, once again brings anglers new products to perfect time at the bench and on the water with new scissors, ergonomic tying tools, and UV curing lights.

The new Ergo Micro Tip Arrow Point Scissors and the Ergo Micro Tip All Purpose Scissors come with enlarged ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip in any hand. They are hand-tuned in the USA to give precision priority, and the surgical quality stainless steel will last while keeping the cutting blades extra sharp. Choose the Arrow Point Scissors for perfect precision and the All Purpose Scissors for versatility. Available now for a retail price of $17.95 and $18.95, respectively.

Later this month, fly tyers can look forward to the introduction of the Ergo Bobbin Threader and the Ergo Whip Finisher. The bright Loon yellow ergonomic handles make them easy to find on the bench. The Ergo Bobbin Threader is extra-long for compatibility with even the largest bobbins, and the Ergo Whip Finisher has a sharpened base so finishing flies and clipping thread can be accomplished with one tool. Look for availability of both tools in mid-October for a retail price of $9.95 and $12.95, respectively.

In November, Loon introduces three new UV curing lights for use at the bench or in the field. The new UV Nano Light retails for $19.95 and is small enough for use in the field to cure UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair but powerful enough for bench use to cure UV resins. One AAA battery powers this light and makes it portable and durable. The UV Bench Light has a 3-watt, high-intensity output for tying applications. It is powered by one AA battery and will retail for $39.95. Last, but certainly not least, is the UV Infiniti Light retailing for $59.95. With its 10-watt output, this light is powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable to harmonize with Loon’s environmental-friendly culture. All lights cure the UV product in 15 seconds.

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JL Waters Adventure Outfitters tomorrow

I’ll be tying flies at JL Waters in Bloomington, Indiana, tomorrow, October 7th, from 10am to 2pm. Come in and tie with me or just chat. They have a lot of cool stuff in the store, like fly fishing and fly tying gear and materials, kayaks, hiking gear, camping gear, climbing gear, clothes, shoes, etc. So it’s worth the visit. I hope to see you there!

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