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30 Percent Sale! – Right here at FrankenFly

I have reduced most of my streamers to 30 percent off in the FrankenFly online Fly Shop. Check it out and see if you can find something you like. Also, if you are wanting a streamer that isn’t in the shop, just let me know and I’ll give you 30 percent off anything custom tied. Just contact me by email to ask about that.
My email is paul.beel (AT)

I’ve also had some inquiries on my new frog and new articulated streamer. You can find these on my Instagram @FrankenFly. These swim very well, but have not been fish tested. However, if you are interested, I’ll tie some for you and just charge you half what they will retail. Just send me an email asking about it.

Link to FrankenFly Online Fly Shop.

Thanks all and I appreciate all of you reading FrankenFly!

Bernard’s Green Bombers

Thunder Mutts

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Kispiox Special

A classic steelhead fly that is even known for some world record fish. Dave from Wet Fly Swing shows us how to tie it. Check it out!

Materials list:
Mustad 36890 size 4
Red Hackle
Orange Chenille
Silver Oval Tinsel
Calf Tail


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Kype Magazine – Fall 2017

The Fall 2017 issue of Kype Magazine is ready, check it out!



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Articulated Deer Hair Rat – Paul Monaghan

Deer hair is such a fun material to tie with, especially when tying Dave Whitlock style mouse and rat patterns. I recently started tying with deer hair again after a long break, so my technique needs a little work I know. The beauty of tying big pike/musky patterns is that you don’t need to be precise. Anyway enjoy and give it a go.

Material List:
Hook: Ahrex PR350 or 351 6/0 and 4/0
Shank: 35mm
Thread: White Veevus 200D GSP
Belly: White Deer Hair belly
Back: Cow Elk Back-strip in Natural
Tail: White Jumbo Slim
Ears: Tan Nayat skin
Eyes: 6mm red Legs: Waspi Silly
Legs in Orange/white

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Southern Culture on the Fly – Fall 2017

From the SCOF Team.
“If necessity is the mother of invention, then procrastination is the daddy of putting out a Regional Digital Fly Fishing Magazine. So despite our best efforts we have completed the Fall 2017 SCOF “Procrastination” Issue just in the nick of time. Please revel in our awkwardness and tell your friends about it.”

Click on the image above or go to the SCOF website to read this issue.

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Peacock and Partridge Soft Hackle

Tim Neal shows us his way of tying a Peacock and Partridge Soft Hackle. An all-around great performing soft hackle wet fly that covers many bases.

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Flies Around the Net – October 2017

I haven’t forgotten, here is Flies Around the Net for October! Enjoy the fly eye candy!


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Polychaete Worm

From Gig Harbor Fly Shop:
“This month for Gig Harbor Fly Shop’s Fly of the Month Club we’re tying up our Polychaete worm for coastal cutthroat. It works in a variety of colors and we highlight the peachy pink one here. Join our Tie of the Month and get all the materials mailed to you each month.”

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Double Deceiver….Reimagined

I am the first to admit…..this isn’t the exact Mike Schmidt Double Deceiver. This is my version. Either way, the Double Deceiver has put more big fish in my boat than all other big streamers combined. Period.

Rear Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #1
Tail – Schlappen
Underbody – Polar Chenille
Head – Bucktail

Front Hook
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s 1/0
Underbody – Polar Chenille
Body – Bucktail Eyes – Flymen Living Eyes
Seal the head and eyes with Loon UV Resin
Gills – Loon UV Fly Paint

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JCs Electric Steelie Stone

Detailed instructions for tying New Jersey fly tyer, John Collin’s Electric Steelie Stone.

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