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Taco Wagon

From The Portland Fly Shop

This is a steelhead fly that is a mix between the Flash Taco and Fish Taco that were designed by Jeff Hickman.
This mash-up is called the Taco Wagon.

OPST Shanks
Intruder Wire
Ice Dub
Polar Chenille
SSS Flash
Angel Hair
Ostrich Herl

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Texas Hook – Shank and Keeled Flash Tail Deceiver

From Gunnar:
“This is a custom shank I designed to increase the tie-able shank length for large weedless baitfish patterns designed for Keel/Texas style hooks. The shank makes tying easier and give you the ability to build bulk and taper over a larger area without crowding and over-bulking the hook eye, and it simply increases your freedom when tying on this style of hook. The shank is inspired by Bill Sherer of We Tie it Fly Shop and below you can find a link to his shank bending YouTube video, which is far more informational than my demo.”

Shank Wire: Malin, Single Strand Stainless Steel Hard Wire, 180 lb 0.029″
Round Nose Pliers/Jewelers Pliers
Wire Cutters/Nippers

Hook: Ahrex 5/0 Texas Hook
Tail: FlymenFishingCo Faux Bucktail
Flashblend: Hedron Inc. Magnum Flashabou – 3x White/Silver/Gold/Opal/Chartreuse – all are non
Wing: SF Blend – Peacock and White
Cheeks: Hareline’s Ripple Ice Fiber – Fl. Yellow
Head: Laser Dub – Olive, Grey
Head: Tear Mender, and Deer Creek UV Diamond Fine Flex
Eyes: Hedron Inc. Mirage Dome Eyes, 10mm or 3/8″ dia.
Marker: ChartPak

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Tail Fly FIshing Magazine – Issue 34 March/April 2018

The March issue of Tail is available now at fly shops & retail bookstores everywhere. 
Get a preview of of the magazine by clicking here.

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A few flies from Andy Saunders

Andy Saunders

Andy Saunders is from England and loves fishing for grayling and trout. Andy has a great YouTube channel called AP Fly Tying. I’ve posted several of his videos here. He is also a member of the Deer Creek Pro Team and has been tying flies since he was 10 years old. So check out some of Andy’s latest flies below.

Small Quill Emerger with just a hint of colour in the thorax…. Will work on stilwaters and rivers..

Hook – Partridge Straight Eye Grub
Body – Natural Quill coated in Deer Creek Resin
Thorax – custom blended dubbing
3 x CDC Feathers

This is a pretty Small Olive which has worked well when little olives and such are hatching from the rivers. Always a good pattern to have in your box. The body is very sparse to keep a nice slim tapered profile.

Hook – Partridge SLD2 #18
Tail – Coq De Leon
Body – Sparse Olive Dubbing
Post – Veniard White CDC

So this pattern isn’t new by any means but for me it was brought into the so called spot light for my river fishing by seeing how effective it was in Norway last year. Ever since then its been a staple in my box and will be for the foreseeable future.

Hook – #18 Partridge SLD2
Tail – Coq de leon
Body – Natural Polish Quill
Thorax – Wapsi Super FIne Dubbing
Wing -Veniard CDC
Body coated in Deer Creek Fine Flex Resin

Sippers… The body is wrapped with body Quill to make them look Juicy in the surface film..

Hook – Partridge Straight eye Grub 16
Body – Olive thread covered with Olive Body Quill
Thorax – Glister Dubbing
3 x CDC Feathers


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Baby Sucker Clouser – Hogan Brown

From Hogan:
“This fly tying video shows how to tie my version of a baby sucker fish clouser – olive over yellow. This fly is influenced by Andy Guibord and Maury Hatch.”

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Mike Schmidt’s Viking Midge – Brian Wise

This fly tying video from Brian Wise of Fly Fishing the Ozarks shows Brian tying Mike Schmidt’s Viking Midge.

Rear Hook – Gamakatsu Sp11-3L3H #1
Tail – Schlappen
Underbody – Polar Chenille

Front Hook – Gamakatsu SP11-3L3H 1/0
Eyes – I-Ballz
Underbody – Polar Chenille
Wing – Marabou
Head – Laser Dub

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