Articulated Deer Hair Rat – Paul Monaghan

Deer hair is such a fun material to tie with, especially when tying Dave Whitlock style mouse and rat patterns. I recently started tying with deer hair again after a long break, so my technique needs a little work I know. The beauty of tying big pike/musky patterns is that you don’t need to be precise. Anyway enjoy and give it a go.

Material List:
Hook: Ahrex PR350 or 351 6/0 and 4/0
Shank: 35mm
Thread: White Veevus 200D GSP
Belly: White Deer Hair belly
Back: Cow Elk Back-strip in Natural
Tail: White Jumbo Slim
Ears: Tan Nayat skin
Eyes: 6mm red Legs: Waspi Silly
Legs in Orange/white

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