NEW BOOK: The Best Bass Flies – Jay Zimmerman

Jay Zimmerman has released a new book called The Best Bass Flies.

Jay actually contacted me about content for this book and I was hoping mention of the Bucket Mouth League would have made it into the book, but it doesn’t appear that it did.

Anyway, I know Jay is into Largemouth Bass fishing as much as I am and I think it’s awesome that he wrote a book on it. He did a great job on his last book, The Best Carp Flies, so I expect this one to be even better.

Here is what Jay had to say about this book.
“Crazy amount of time and work and attention to the smallest detail came down to holding my breath and opening the box from the publisher…. This book nearly broke me. I am very satisfied with the outcome and hope anyone who ends up with a copy in their possession finds it entertaining, informative…or it at least spurs some new creative endeavor either at the vise or at the keyboard. Enjoy.”

Here is the description:
“Bass fishing (largemouth, primarily) is growing in popularity around the country; it is growing really fast in western states such as Colorado, Idaho, and Nebraska due to the accessibility (public water nearby), crowding of trout streams, and new cadre of anglers that prefer alternatives to trout. Jay Zimmerman features 18 cutting-edge patterns from around the country for largemouth and smallmouth bass, explains how to fish them, and has detailed tying steps. Because of how widespread bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted) are, this book should appeal to anglers around the country.”

So definitely check out Jay’s new book, I think you will thoroughly enjoy it, especially if you are into bass fishing on the fly.

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