Early Season Quill Buzzer – Andy Saunders

Andy Saunders shows us how to tie a Quill Buzzer.

If you are not aware of what buzzers are, the Essential Fly had a good description of them and how to fish them. Here is a brief explanation and then a link to the Essential Fly where they explain how to fish them along with other buzzer details.

” Most typically they imitate the midge emerged. A bloodworm is blood red at the bottom of a lake, it moves slowly to the surface changing colour, often black but it can be brown, olive or other colours. In its journey to the surface of the water the buzzer fly pupa throws out breathers and often moves up and down, not directly upwards to the surface. It reaches the surface film and has to break through, often hanging in a "j" shape below the surface film. When it finally breaks through it emerges into a midge in just 30 seconds!”

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