John Montana Bartlett – Hybrid Worm


John Montana is a carp junkie and he posts some killer photos on his blog Carp on the Fly. I gotta say, he’s inspiring me lately, especially with his latest at Lake Michigan. Wow! So I contacted John and asked him what carp fly is his “go to” pattern. Montana’s Hybrid Worm is John’s primary fly right now. Catch Fly Fishing is tying it commercially if you’re interested.  John mentions it’s an effective, but simple pattern and it’s popular with a lot of carp guys out there. With the experience that John has, I would say this one is definitely a good one to use when fly fishing for carp. Check it out!

Hook: size 8 Scorpion Gaper
Eyes: standard small dumbell or hourglass eyes
Tail: claret chenille
Body: peacock chenille
Hackle: yellow pheasant hackle
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3


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  1. Charles Parks

    I am new to fly fishing where can I purchase this fly ?