Bass Bug Sushi Roll Sweepstakes

From Flymen Fishing Company!

Enter your email for the chance to win a Fishpond Sushi Roll Streamer Holder filled with a dozen Double Barrel Bass Bugs!

We’ve teamed up with Fishpond to give away 5 of their Sushi Roll Streamer Holders filled with a dozen Surface Seducer Double Barrel Bass Bug poppers each!

Streamers finally have a place to call home without being crushed, smashed, flattened, and put to bed wet without having a chance to dry.

The Fishpond Sushi Roll is an innovative solution for a conveniently sized carry system to protect and store streamer flies for easy viewing and selection. When not rolled, it lays flat as a working platform, but when rolled a spacial dimension between layers gives streamers the necessary space to breathe.

Add a little rice and it would almost look good enough to eat!

Go to this link to enter!


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