Patriot – tied by Michael McAuliffe

Charles Meck was the originator of this dry fly pattern and sat down and taught Michael McAuliffe how to tie it the correct way. Here is what Michael had to say about how to tie this great attractor dry fly.

“Tied a few PATRIOT dry flies this morning while I drank my coffee. This is tied the way Charlie Meck taught me. Nice big bright wings so you can see it after you cast it under bushes and a full 13 wraps of Hackle so it can suspend a good size WEIGHTED dropper. I always see these tied in the manner of Catskill Dry when it’s intended to be closer to a Wulff. Buggy and Messy and Garish and Fishy and still my favorite attractor.”

Material list:
Hook: Partridge H1A 1X-long nymph hook (12-16)
Thread: Red Uni 6/0
Tail: Brown hackle (I substituted Whiting CDL Cape Badger Dyed Burnt Orange)
Body: Smolt Blue Krystal Flash wound around the shank; wind some of the red thread in the middle of the shank, similar to the Royal Coachman
Wings: White calf body hair.
Hackle: Brown dry-fly hackle.

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