Rich Strolis’s Silly Rabbit – Brian Wise

NOTE: The new animation logo that Brian has in the very beginning from Trevor Collias is AWESOME! I watched the beginning like five times. Killer job Trevor!

From Brian Wise:
“One of my personal favorite fly tyers right now, Rich Strolis ties some of the most CLEAN flies I have ever seen. The Silly Rabbit is clean, easy, swims like crazy, and can catch any kind of fish in the world—literally. Contact Rich to order this and MANY more flies….and check out his site at:

Hook – Gamakatsu SC15 #1
Foul Guard – 30 Pound Mono
Under Body – Ripple Ice Fiber
Tail – Magnum Rabbit Strip
Body/Head – EP Minnow Head Brush
Head – Fish Mask (size dependent)

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