The Susqehanna Modular Fly Tying Table

Note from Paul of FrankenFly:
Hartman Woodworking built this awesome fly tying table. This particular model of table is a first for Hartman, because it incorporates a NorVise. But what’s really great about Hartman Woodworking building a table is they will customize it to your liking. They excel at this! If you haven’t seen the post about the table they built for me, check it out here.
This Susquehanna Table was actually built for Eric Snyder of Warmwater Specialties. So check out the information that Hartman has provided about the table and the photos that show off the table quite nicely.

Eric’s table after setup.

From Hartman Woodworking:
The custom Susquehanna Modular Fly Tying Table has been named after a favorite warmwater fishing spot, The Susquehanna river in Northeastern Maryland. As with all of our Fly Tying Tables they are handcrafted from the finest hardwoods, The Susquehanna containing the Maple/Birch Veneer high strength plywood base that will ensure no warpage over time and climate changes, with a 2” solid Red Oak boarder. The Red Oak boarder contains the mounting holes for your Norvise System as well as 12” solid wood inlay ruler that has a boarder of Zebra Wood, which is one of the most unique and exotic of the hardwoods. The Susquehanna also features a first tier shelf that contains ten 1 ½” round holes and a rare earth embedded magnet strip that runs approximately 12” along the front of the first tier shelf. The second tier shelf contains six 2” round holes and extra large 2”x3” and 2”x4” trays for tying pieces. The third tier contains twenty-nine ½” holes. All three tiers are also handcrafted in Red Oak. The back corners of The Susquehanna are each equipped with Modular threaded inserts that will accommodate any of the Hartman Woodworking Modular accessories. Pictures are shown with dual Modular Black Finish LED Lamps that attach to either of these mounding locations, with an Otter Creek smart phone stand that can be used stand-alone as a table top stand or securely fitted on either of the modular mounting locations on the Smart Phone Modular mounting attachment. The LED Lamps should last a lifetime but in the case that the heirloom quality table outlasts the lamps they are made to be replaceable. All wood surfaces have been finished with 12 coats of spray MinWax polyurethane (holes are hand brushed) and will hold up to many tying sessions and abuse. As normal wear and tear may dull your finish and provide a few character marks and dents it can be refinished with a light sanding and a few coats of polyurethane.

If you want to see more tables and products from Hartman, all of their contact information is below.

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  1. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing all the details.

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