Tie Like a Pro, Ep. 4 Head Designs, Part 3 – Swim Bugs

NOTE FROM PAUL: If you want to be a better fly tyer and you haven’t been watching this series that Gunnar has been producing, you should really give it a watch. He is doing a great job of explaining some tying techniques that are often not explained in great detail. So be sure to check it out, watch and listen. -Paul(FrankenFly)

From Gunnar:
“Part 3 of Episode 4 is all about Swim Bug head design! This style of head is the weightless/buoyant counterpart to the Articulating Fly Style. This episode is focused on Deer Hair techniques and applications including Spinning and Stacking Deer Hair, shaping and cutting heads to create stability/belly wobble and profile as well as some considerations for bent-shank hook options. The primary focus for this tutorial is Kelly Galloup’s Zoo Cougar head, with a second tutorial focused on a Mega size mudler head.”

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