Woven Danica Emerger – Terje Refsahl

Terje used his woven body technique to produce this good looking emerger. He provided the details of the recipe so you can tie your own. I bet this little darling can catch some fish!


Material list:

Hook: tmc 200R #8
Tail: Ostrich herl
Body: Clear small stretch tubing that is woven.
Rib: Orange Krystal Flash that is ribbed underneath the woven body (the clear stretch tubing is so transparent that the rib shines through)
Thorax: cdc dubbing mixed with some ice dubbing in a coffee blender
Wings: two cdc feathers
Legs: barred ginger hackle
Front hackle: cdc fibers spun in a tread loop.
I have colored the body underneath the clear stretch tubing with a water repellent marker pen to make small dark spots on the backside of the fly.

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