FrankenFly t-shirts are coming!

FrankenFly_Logo-Col-Special-800Now ordering FrankenFly t-shirts! However, it would really help to get some idea of how many people want one. So those of you who are serious about ordering one, please comment on this post or send me an email. The next step would have people place an order and then I can order them. Right now, I’m just trying to get an idea to see if it is worth me doing this or not. I plan on two colors of shirts, black and red. Both will have the FrankenFly logo as you see in this post on the front of the shirt. The red shirt will have the logo in a black and white version. It will have on the back. I’m estimating the price will be either $18.99 or $19.99 depending on how many I order. Shipping will be $5.00. Please let me know if you’re interested. Thank you!


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24 Responses to FrankenFly t-shirts are coming!

  1. Gary

    i’d like to purchase a tee shirt please. black shirt in size 2XL

  2. I’d love one Paul. You’ve got one cool logo that I’d be proud to wear!

  3. mark owens

    I must get these shirts. and how do I post photos and videos

    • Paul Beel

      Mark, you would just send me photos or video to post. My contact email is in the About page.

      Thank you!

  4. Aaron

    I would like a large black

  5. Eric Mish

    I’d be interested in a xxl in black!

  6. A.J. Rosenbohm

    I would buy an XL black shirt.

  7. Joe de Laronde

    I`ve been looking forward to this day. I`d love a shirt. Black, XL


    • Paul Beel

      Awesome Joe, thank you!
      I will be ordering the shirts, so I will email you to let you know how to pay.


  8. brian

    i’ve gotsta have a shirt…tried contacting you but it kept linking me to a phishing site??

    any rate let me know where to send payment…i need an XL

    • Paul Beel


      No problem at all, I’ll put you on the list.
      How were you trying to contact me?


  9. Ever

    I’d love a size L! Love the site man.

  10. todd johnson

    put down for a black t-shirt in 4xl,if u get them that big.

    Great site!!!

    • Paul Beel

      I’ll see if I can still sneak it in. The 4X is a few dollars more, is that alright?


  11. Hey Paul,
    A 3x would be awesome, I know bigger size cost a little more…LOL. Great idea on a shirt. Todd.

  12. Brian tumlinson

    What’s the word on the shirts

    • Paul Beel


      I have ordered them. I expect they will be here in about 2 weeks.
      I need to make a post about this. Time got away from me.