Eggie Special

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The Eggie Special is a classic Michigan dry fly that was designed by a Grayling, Michigan fly fishing legend, Eggie Bugby. This fly is known throughout the area, but intricate details have been difficult to solidify. Tom Deschaine of has been working to try and figure out information about the fly for years. Just the other day, I noticed that fly fisherman and former guide, Robert Woodland, posted a photo of the Eggie Special tied by the late Bob Smock, a legendary fly tyer from Grayling. I asked Robert if he could describe the materials of the fly, which he did. The wings are the only thing we are not sure about. Bob Smock may have used hackle tips from his brother’s chickens and Eggie’s version was created somewhere between the 30’s and 50’s, so Tom had this to say about that.

Plymouth Rock (Grizzly), the Rhode Island Red (brown) and the Leghorn (white).   That’s all they had … that is why most of our patterns are tied with Grizzly and Brown.  These were the only chickens they had because they are the best layers and eating chickens.  They raised them in their back yard for food and eggs … the hackle was just extra.

Robert stated Eggie was more concerned about tying to catch fish, not fisherman. With all of that said, the pattern is primarily intact.

I think it’s important to try and save information about these old patterns so they are not lost forever. Sometimes it is very difficult to gather information on certain old patterns because the details have been lost somewhere along the way.

Tom has officially posted the Eggie Special on and you can find it in his list of fly patterns.

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