Adams Nymph


I know many of you out there are going, “Adams Nymph, I thought Adams was a dry fly?” That’s right, it is a dry fly and one of the best ever. Read more about the original Adams and watch Brian Kosminski tie it in a previous post.

Now, where was I…so this idea was from one of the best tyers I know, Don Bastian. He tied and posted on his blog an Adams Wet Fly that he had seen when he was a kid in a sporting goods store. In the comments of that post Don mentions to another reader that an Adams Nymph would be a good idea and may be an effective pattern. So after reading that I emailed Don right away and told him I would like to tie the pattern. We discussed it back and forth in a few emails and with Don’s guidance this is what I came up with. Now whether it will be a real trout catcher is yet to be tested, but I bet it will!

I love nymphs and I felt blessed to work with Don on this pattern. I plan to test the Adams Nymph this season on some trout. I’ll be sure to report back. If you would like to try it yourself, here is the recipe.

Hook: Mustad 3906B – this is a size 12 – (14,16 would work well too)
Body: Hareline Dubbin Adam’s Gray
Rib: Ultra Wire silver – Brassie size
Tail: brown and grizzly hackle fibers
Wing: grizzly hackle fibers
Wing Case: Goose Quill dyed gray – (used Clear Cure Goo to make quill stronger)
Thread: gray


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4 Responses to Adams Nymph

  1. Ok, I have been around awhile and the Parachute Adams is my favorite dry fly. Always wondered why an Adams soft hackle or nymph similar to this wouldn’t work, too. Let me know how this experiment works out.

  2. Tim Code

    Would really enjoy seeing a video demonstration of this procedure.