Ausable Wulff – Fran Betters

In 1964 Fran Betters created the now famous, Ausable Wulff.



“After years of fishing the AuSable and other Adirondack Streams, and after studying numerous insects, I had noticed a particular curiosity relating especially to the large stonefly and mayfly nymphs in the rivers of the Adirondacks,” Betters wrote in his book, “Fly fishing and — fly tying and pattern guide.” “They seemed to have a slight rusty orange coloration in the thorax and some red in the heads of the flies. I thought that this might be characteristic of flies on these streams due to the mineral content of the streambeds.”


Hook: Regular dry-fly hook, sizes 16 to 12
Thread: Fluorescent orange 6/0 (140 denier)
Tail: Woodchuck guard hair
Body: Rusty orange Australian opossum fur
Hackle: Cree or grizzly hackle and a brown hackle
Wing: Kip tail or calf body hair

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In this classic video, the late Fran Betters shows us how to tie his Ausable Wulff.

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