Balanced Leech Olive Pumpkin

The balanced fly philosophy has had a huge impact on my fly tying in recent years. Designed to suspend in a horizontal manner balanced lies such as the Olive Pumpkin are deadly. They out perform traditional flies under an indicator by a wide margin. Balanced flies work well cast and retrieved too.

Materials list:

Hook: Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook 32833BLN #10
Thread: UTC 70 Olive
Tail: Olive Marabou,
Mixed with 4 Strands of UV Pearlescent Flashabou,
Tied Along the Sides of the Tail
Body: Azizona Simi Seal-Olive
Head: Hot Orange Ice Dub
Bead: Gold Tungsten, Mount on a Straight Pin and Secured on the Hook Shank

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