Beel’s Bearded Wonder


One of my streamer/fly patterns has been officially accepted to appear in the 2016 Orvis catalog!

Beel’s Bearded Wonder will be available in two sizes from Orvis. (pictured above). The larger is 6 inches in length, while the smaller version comes in at 4.5 inches. With the weight of the dumbell eyes it has a great jigging motion in the water.

This fly was previously known as the Bearded Biscuit, but I have changed the name to Beel’s Bearded Wonder. When using Google to search for the name “Bearded Biscuit”, urban dictionary is one of the top selections and it doesn’t have nice things to say about that name. I did not realize this when I named the fly. The reason for the name was that it was a biscuit for fish and it looks like it has a beard. Simple. However, I’m very happy with the new name, Beel’s Bearded Wonder. I just wanted to explain, so those who are familiar with the name and the fly would understand.

I am thrilled to be welcomed to the Orvis Fly Design team and feel truly honored to have my first fly accepted into the Orvis catalog!

You can find both versions in the FrankenFly Online Fly Shop.

Thanks for reading!

-Paul J. Beel


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6 Responses to Beel’s Bearded Wonder

  1. Congratulations Paul. That’s a mean looking fly.

  2. Kudos to you! Name recognition is everything in this industry!

  3. Ryan

    Congrats man! That is a sick pattern with the big deer hair head and dumbbell eyes, the action must be pretty crazy, I can see why orvis picked up you and your pattern. I just got picked up by Rainy’s for one of my patterns, still hashing out the color options, it’s a steamer pattern as well called “The Girl Next Door”