Bluegill Belly Bean – Now available!

Bluegill Belly Bean

My new bluegill jig, I named the Bluegill Belly Bean, is now available in the FrankenFly online store.

Bluegills will often hit just about anything when it is spring time and they are on their beds. They are tenacious when guarding their beds and will strike at anything in their territory. But if they are not bedding, things change, especially in late summer.

I designed the Bluegill Belly Bean for late summer time when the bluegill are no longer on their beds and usually stay deep in the water. You can get the Bluegill Belly Bean down to find them and get their attention. Cast it out and countdown and let it sink. How long to count down depends on how deep the body of water is you are fishing or where the bluegill are holding. But I would say 10 or 15 seconds is a good start. Sometimes you might be able to just give it a twitch and the bluegill will take it. Other times you might just have to leave it sitting still or you may have to strip it and get it moving before they will strike. You just have to try different tactics to see what they like on that particular day. Normally they are not as easy to catch when they are not guarding their beds.

Even if you want to use this as a small swimjig for bass, this will do the trick. Bass like the movement of this little fly and will readily take it.

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