Britton’s Mini “Bug Collar” Intruder


An Old School Intruder with an New School Twist – Bug Collars !
– by Shawn Britton

When it came to streamers I have always enjoyed fishing with lighter rods and flies. That being said, most of the streamers or intruders I tend to tie usually have a decent enough length and silhouette to get the job done, but I’ll tie the fly as light and cast-able as I can get away with and still have the fly get down.

Lately since I have been carrying the Bug Collars from Bozeman Fly Goods at the tying workshop, I have been adding them to my existing patterns as well as tying my lightweight mini Intruders with the Bug Collars, behind a Tungsten bead for a desired Hot Spot with minimal weight added to the fly. Instead of a waddington shank and a dumbbell on this particular intruder pattern, I’ll use a pre-made straight eye shank or cut my own from long shank straight eye streamer hooks. This enables me to downsize, fit, use the beads and collars leaving room enough to run 20-30 braid through them, the eyelet and back as well.

I have had success with this style of lightweight intruders for steelhead over the years and also trout, bass, etc. in the rivers and lakes. Now there is no doubt the added hotspot is bringing a few extra to the net.


Here is a simple recipe for my Britton’s Mini “Bug Collar” Intruder

Hook/shank: A quality freshwater straight eye intruder shank or streamer hook of choice…
Bead: Tungsten Black Nickel 5/32…
Bug Collar: 9/64 3.7mm Fluorescent Orange or desired color…
Thread: Black 210 denier or desired color to match patterns…
Trailer Hook Braid: 20-30lb braided line…
Trailer: Daiichi #2557 Intruder hook
Tail: Two to three Plumes of Marabou, topped with sparse pearl flash…
Body: Wrapped Marabou…
Head: Puglisi Andromadous Brush topped with Sparse pearl flash…
Head topping: Schapplen of desired color.
Cement: Loon UV Flow

Note: This is a simple pattern that is usually tied about 3 inches in length. Tied in white, purple, black, etc.. Obviously If I want more length I extend the trailer braid/hook length accordingly, adding a few soft saddle feathers at the tail before I add the marabou.


Shawn Britton
Regal Pro Staff

Check out the boys at Bozeman Fly Goods for the vast array and sizes of Bug Collars!

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