Tie Like a Pro – Episode 2 and 3 – Gunnar Brammer

Gunnar has already released episodes 2 and 3 of Tie Like a Pro. So I figured I would go ahead and get them posted to follow-up the last post. See the information below from Gunnar.

“This is just a scratch on the surface on articulating flies and is intended to get you started on building your own platforms with proper spacing, hook selection, and proportionality. Episode 2 of Tie Like a Pro is all about the “how to” of articulating streamers. In this episode we go over hooks, spacing and beads, wire placement and types of wire, creating a vertical wire loop, and proportionality based on your reference point- the hook shank. We also discuss how and why articulated flies came to be and what problem they solved in predator fly fishing.”

“For the longest time I struggled with getting hackles to lay correctly, either for the tail or fins – my feathers would often twist away from the orientation I intended, or my feathers would twist when I’d go to palmer them – reversing the concavity….Episode 3 of Tie Like a Pro is all about working with hackles! In this episode we are going to look at differences in Saddle Hackle vs. Schlappen, tying in hackles vertically and horizontally to achieve desired affects, figure 8-ing hackle and the importance of controlling concavity for fly durability, as well as some minor differences in palmering materials from their base to tip/tip to base and its affect on fly silhouette and bulk.”


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  1. Manny

    Great stuff — thanks Gunnar!

  2. Great post and video šŸ˜€