Dave Whitlock on Fly Tying The Angler’s Art

Fly Tying The Angler’s Art was a fly tying show on PBS years ago and in this episode they have the legend, Dave Whitlock, as their guest. He ties Whitlock’s Sheep Minnow Streamer. Also on this episode, Leroy Hyatt ties the Burlap, a steelhead fly and the Carey Special. I mentioned Leroy Hyatt in an older post here on FrankenFly.


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  2. Andrew Crisler

    Some of the fly’s I saw Dave tie on an old program is what first made me want to learn how to fly fish and tie fly’s….me and my father used to watch the program on PBS all the time but Dave Whitlock’s patterns were ALWAYS OUR FAVORITES!!!!! I would love to know if these fly tying programs that were on PBS are available for purchase thru PBS or any other people/companies/or web sites…..if so PLEASE contact me thru my EMAIL : bigdpmpn@yahoo.com or thru my FACEBOOK PAGE called : LOVE TO FISH GULF COAST THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES , Andrew and Daniel Crisler.

  3. I wanted to let you know that Season Six of Fly Tying: The Angler’s Art is just being released by KWSU media. Watch for it this winter on your local PBS station.