Deer Creek Pro Razor Scissors

Back in February in a post where I included a video of Kelly Galloup talking about scissors, I included a note mentioning the red, white, and blue Deer Creek scissors that I use and love! These are fined point scissors and very sharp. I use these for all of my close-up, small area work, but I also use them as my main scissors. I’m just careful not to use them to cut synthetics or wire.

Well, Deer Creek now has them available again on their website. They are called Deer Creek Pro Razor Scissors. You can find them here:
They also have a red, white, and green version now as well. Check them out, they are well worth the price. I’ve been using my first pair for well over a year now and they are still going strong. (Just don’t drop them on a hard surface, because you could damage the tips.)


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