Dirty Dancer – Matt Huckeba

Welcome to the first Season of the Tasty Bug Tying Series, brought to you by Fly Shop of the Bighorns located in Sheridan, WY. This season is all about streamers, the bigger the better. In Episode 1, Matt Huckeba ties his own pattern, the “Dirty Dancer”. Tune in next week for a new streamer!

Featuring Matt Huckeba in Caesar’s Chair
Matt would like to acknowledge and thank John McClure and Mike Schmidt, as their flies the “Kill Whitey” and the “Viking Midge”, respectively, were the inspiration for his own fly, the “Dirty Dancer”.

Filmed and edited by Zach Andres
Music by Ryan Little, songs in order of appearance: Falling Down, Sand Castles, Star Writings, Conscious… find more at freemusicarchive.org/music/Ryan_Little/

Dirty Dancer Recipe:
Front hook: Partridge Universal Predator X #1/0
Trailing hook: Partridge Attitude Streamer #2

-Danville’s 140 Denier Waxed Flymaster Plus
-Danville’s 210 Denier Waxed Flymaster Plus

Trailing hook:
-Tail: Whiting American Saddle
-Body: Polar Chenille
-Body hair: Arctic Fox Fur

Front hook:
-Head: Sculpin Wool & Ice Dub Blend
-Body: Polar Chenille
-Body hair: Arctic Fox Fur

Joint Connection:
-Maxima 40lb Ultragreen Monofilament
-Red plastic bead

-Peak Rotary Vise

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