Floating Gummy Minnow – Rupert Harvey

I’ve been noticing the fly tying of Rupert Harvey lately. He ties some cool stuff! Here is his version of the Floating Gummy Minnow. Below are Rupert’s notes on the video.
This may not be the correct but it is my way on how to tie the Floating Gummy minnow.

Three simple thinks to make your life easier when tying them!!

Trick when using Gummy body is to wet your scissor(I lick mine) blades before you try cut the stuff.
Trick number two leave the backing on when folding the final layer of Gummy Body on as it will stop you stretching it and a kinking the tail.
Trick number three when using the Gummy Foil always apply the dull side to the Gummy body.

Materials Needed

Hook: #6 of choice is use a gamakatsu SL11
Thread: Danville flat waxed 210
Foam: 2mm white
Gummy body 0.2mm
Gummy foil: pearl, and peacock
eyes: 4mm funky 3D funky eye silver
Super glue and Plasti- dip

Available at www.funkyflytying.co.uk

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