Grillos’ Later Skater


This fly started out as a 2/0 foam dry that I experimented with while guiding in Chile.  On the rivers that I guided on the fish responded well to huge, twitched dries.  My goal was to create a pattern that would skitter and skate without diving, would make a nice wake, was simple, and was durable.  Upon my return to Colorado I retained many of my Chilean fly ideas and retuned them for Colorado’s trout.  The crucial part of this fly is the little foam surfboard that makes the fly ride high while you’re dragging it around.  The small piece of foam sticking out the front of the fly is there to push water and keep the fly surfing along the film.  The densely wrapped hackle serves a similar purpose.  The legs add a nice little vibration on the water as well when dead drifting the fly and when skating they help create a larger wake.  Also, the flashabou helps grab the fish’s attention in lower light situations, when we typically are skating flies.

Hook-  TMC 2312, 10-16
Thread-  Ultra Thread 70, color to match foam
Body-  Pearl Flashabou, wrapped and glued
Overbody/Head-  2mm foam, tan, olive, or black
Wing-  Deer, same color as foam
Indicator-  Neon Pink Poly Yarn
Legs-  Medium barred round rubber, same color base color as foam
Hackle-  Saddle feather, densely wrapped.

AG skated up this big brown right before dark in the Nevis River, South Island, NZ.

AG skated up this big brown right before dark in the Nevis River, South Island, NZ.

Andrew Grillos is a full time fly-fishing guide, signature fly tier for Idylwilde Flies, Simms Ambassador, Scott Rods Pro, and generally fun guy to spend a day on the river with.  After a decade of guiding out of Gunnison, Colorado Andrew’s recently relocated to Washington where he’s adding yet another location to his guiding resume.  To spend a day or two fishing on one of the many Washington fly-fishing destinations email and check out

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