Largemouth bass caught on a Bearded Biscuit

I went out fishing yesterday with my son and I wanted to prove that my Bearded Biscuit articulated streamer could catch largemouth bass. It didn’t take long for the one in the photo below to gulp it. I was using Scientific Anglers Streamer Express fly line and it casts streamers very nicely. If you are casting big streamers, you need fly line like this, because it makes a huge difference. My retrieve was a combination of a swift pull of the rod and then a few quick strips and he grabbed it. As you can see, he almost swallowed the entire fly. A Bearded Biscuit is just a little over 6 inches long and has two Partridge of Redditch Universal Predator size 1/0 hooks.  It has been a great start to the season.


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