Miller’s D-Midge


This pattern and photo comes from Charlie Craven’s website, Charlie’s Flybox. I thought this was a great little fly and the information that Charlie provided convinced me that this would be one heck of a dropper to tie on to the back of your favorite dry fly. Notice the color choice in the material list. The information below was provided by Charlie Craven.

Material list:
Hook: TMC 2487 or 2488 #16-22
Beads: Extra Small Glass
Thread: 70 Denier UTC, color of choice
Tail: Flouro Fiber, color of choice
Rib: Fine Wire
Legs: More Flouro Fiber

This cool little pattern comes from my dear friend, Dennis Miller. Dennis runs the flyshop down in Almont during the summer months and both he and his son, Brad (see the Span Juan Worm here on the FlyBox) create some super effective, guide-style fish catchers. The D-Midge is Dennis’ answer to an all around dropper style fly that can be taken for a variety of insects. Tied with two glass beads and a bit of sparkling flouro fiber, the D-Midge is a crafty little bug that deserves a spot in your fly box.

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