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Traveler 2300Renzetti has recently released several new products, including a new black Traveler 2300 Cam Vise Pedestal Base Model. The 2300 comes with anodized aluminum parts and a black powder coated pedestal base. If you are poor like me, you are looking for the cheapest model you can get. Renzetti has a non-anodized version of the Traveler in the 2000 model. The parts on the 2000 are all aluminum. The 2000 has the same exact jaws as the other Traveler models, so no problem there. At a price of $159.95, I feel it is a good buy. For more information visit the Traveler page on Renzetti’s website.

Renzetti now has an entire new line of fly tying tools branded as the R Evolution Product Line. Tools available are hair stackers, hair packers, teasers, and hand tools including a dubbing twister, dubbing needles, and half hitch tools. A carry bag to store your vise, tools, and other fly tying items is another new R Evolution hair stackersitem. From seeing the photos, the tools look very well made and designed.

Renzetti has started a new venture they are calling R Distribution. I spoke to Frank Catino of Renzetti and he mentioned the new venture will involve importing Just Add H2O Products from South Africa. Products like Slinky Blends are involved. These products will be available for dealers in the near future. They are in the process of working on a new web presence for R Distribution. If you are curious about the products, you can find a list at the old website.

Coming mid-2013 Renzetti is planning to come out with a new line of precision scissors. I’m kind of a fly tying scissor geek, so I’m looking forward to this.

That sums up what’s new with Renzetti at this time. As new information becomes available, FrankenFly will keep you posted.


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  1. Just wanted to drop you a note about how much I enjoy your blog. It’s certainly one of the most professional looking I’ve seen and full of some really good fly tying stuff! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Years.

    • Paul Beel

      Howard, thank you very much! It’s nice to know people are actually enjoying the site. I see in the stats that the site is being visited, but it really makes my day to hear people say they are enjoying it.
      I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!