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Grandpa's ChickenhawkI thought I would post an update on my own tying because I haven’t said too much about it. You will notice I tie a lot of streamers because I love bass and fish for them most often. Of course trout waters around here are lacking, but I like to head up to Michigan at least once a year. So I also enjoy tying trout flies and have a passion for classic Michigan trout patterns like the Borchers Special, McClain’s Drake, Madsen Skunk, Houghton Lake Special, and Roberts Yellow Drake, to name a few.

I feel I should quickly explain the photos over on the right of FrankenFly here. The ones at the top are my Pinterest account and these are tied by many different tyers. I am always careful to give credit to the tyer when I add a Pinterest photo. The larger photos below that are my Instagram account. These are all tied by me. With that said, the photos in this post are a collage of mainly what I’ve been tying lately and some are already shown on the right.

The fly above embedded into the text is a pattern I’ve been working on for awhile. It was inspired by a fishing lure my grandpa made by hand. I call it Grandpa’s Chickenhawk. My grandpa is the one who taught me how to fish when I was a kid and he made many of his own lures. I’m working on a group of fly patterns that are all inspired by these lures. I have one other completed besides the Chickenhawk and you can see the head of it below. It is named Bernard’s Green Bomber. The lure that inspired that one was actually articulated which was very cool, so I was excited to finish it first. I will post more on these in the future and post the photos of grandpa’s lures too.

The flies below include Grandpa’s Chickenhawk, Bead Head Emerger, Black Ripper, Bernard’s Green Bomber, experimental alpaca fur baitfish, Zoo Cougar (brown), Wakely Yellow Bugs, Mike’s Meal Ticket, and Borchers Special.

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