Podcast: The Ultimate Streamer Episode, with Mike Schmidt


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This is a terrific podcast featuring Mike Schmidt who owns Anglers Choice Flies. Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis hosts the podcast and conducts his normal show in the beginning and then speaks with Mike to make a very interesting, information filled podcast, especially if you are into big streamers.

Here is a link to the Junk Yard Dog video that is mentioned in the podcast.
Tim Flagler made this video for Orvis and always does a fantastic job. I post many of his videos here on FrankenFly. I want to note that in this video he uses a different connection between the two hooks than Mike Schmidt does. Mike uses a Beadalon wire connection which he explains in the podcast. Tim Flagler uses a shank to make the connection in the video which gives the fly totally different action. I have clarified this with Mike himself.

tan and yellow Red Rocket - by Mike Schmidt

tan and yellow Red Rocket – by Mike Schmidt

Here are the official podcast notes from Orvis:
This week, I have a long and fascinating interview with Mike Schmidt, designer of such giant trout streamers as the Junk Yard Dog. He gives up his secrets on when to fish a giant streamer (and when not to), what techniques he uses, and also some tips on tying these flies and why he designs them the way he does. I don’t think I have learned so much in a podcast in a long time, and I hope you find it as inspiring and interesting as I did. I am ready to charge out there with some giant streamers right away.

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