Poppers and Divers – Kirk Dietrich

Kirk makes some beautiful poppers and divers. Check out his latest.

Decided to break out the Paasche airbrush after having my light colored Copic colored bugs fade. Figured to do some fresh “poppers” for the warmer weather that should be right around the corner. I’ve come to like Fire Tiger coloration as you might notice but played with some different tail/skirt configurations. Really like the fox fur.


Some Comal floats tied on Mustad 34007, size #1 for bass and redfish.


The other half of the floats tied on Gaelic Supreme hump shank hooks from Herter’s, size #4.


Some Walt Holman simple divers I made from balsa plugs.


Some of my divers made from cork bottle stoppers; this design has been working for me since I first started making it back in 1988.

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