Prince Nymph Jig

In Tightline Productions’ new fly tying video, they show us how to tie a very reliable nymph pattern, the Prince Nymph Jig.


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2 Responses to Prince Nymph Jig

  1. Jon

    I am thinking that the nymph in this photo will ride upside down. Shouldn’t the wings be on the opposite side so when it rides hook up, the wings will be on top. I picked up some jig hooks and beads at the Denver fly show for this and have tied a bunch with the wings to the hook side so they will ride wings up. Otherwise it seems no different than normal, except with a bent hook making it ride upside down. Just my opinion.

    • Tim Flagler- Tightline

      What would be so wrong if the fly rides wing side down? When naturals drift down stream in the current they are tumbled into all sorts of orientations they do not always ride wing side up. You can of course tie the wings on the other side, but expect to get stabbed by the hook point a time or two.

      The real advantages of the bead and the fly riding hook point up is that it doesn’t get hung up on the bottom as often and has a nice jigging motion as it rides down stream.