Purple Haze

Andy Carlson, a fly fishing guide on the Bitterroot River in Montana originated the Purple Haze fly pattern. It closely resembles a Parachute Adams with a purple body. This has been a very effective pattern in Montana and has become a popular dry fly in general. Below I’ve embedded a video by Walter Weise. He does a really good job of explaining how to tie the fly and offers slight replacements in materials he is using from the original pattern.

Walter says, “The Purple Haze is an excellent attractor dry popular in southwest Montana, especially during the fall. It’s a great choice during fall BWO time.

Incidentally, your fly should look like the one in the still image and the first video clip. I was struggling with my contacts through most of the video and it shows. The fly I tie is one of the worst Purple Hazes I’ve done in recent memory…”


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6 Responses to Purple Haze

  1. I picked up a couple of tricks here that I never thought of. Thanks!

  2. Jim Paget

    Purple proved effective on the Yakima River in central Washington State last week.

  3. Trond Paulsen


    Do you or do you know anybody who know the pattern for the flie “Purple job”?