Roosterfish fly, Chivo Lisa – Gary Graham

I find roosterfish fascinating, so one of these days maybe I’ll get a chance to fish for them. I contacted seasoned fisherman, Gary Graham about sending more information, including some flies. To start, here is a roosterfish fly called Chivo Lisa. Head over to Baja on the Fly to find out more about guides in the Baja area.  More to come!



Hook: Mustad 3407 Size 5/0
Thread: Big Fly, White. Size B, Mono Thread
Hackle: Long white saddles ( at least 6″ ), Stiff white Ewing saddles
Body: White Bucktail
Gold Molded Epoxy eyes
Root Beer krystal flash
Silver krystal flash
Gold Flashaboo
Copper Flashaboo Mirage #3065
5 Minute Epoxy

Tying Tips

Tail:  a sparse selection of white bucktail, topped by a few strands of krystal flash forms the under structure and gives the tail a bit more body and support. Long white saddles are tied in on each side. Perhaps two feathers per side. Long, stiff Ewing Saddles are then tied in on each side of the first saddles. These are not tied as long as the first saddles and provide the true body and structure for the tail. Staggering their length as they are tied on seems to really make the feathers wiggle when fished.

Once the first set of stiff hackles are tied on add a few strands of root beer krystal flash, and gold flashaboo as long as the tail.

Body: Once the tail saddles are set a clump of long white bucktail is tied in to begin to build the body. I both spin the bucktail and tie in clumps top and bottom to achieve a symmetrical look as needed. After a couple of applications of bucktail top with a few strands of copper flashaboo not quite as long as the first flash that was tied in.

All this tapering of the materials is the key to making the fly look and swim right.

Once the bucktail is done tie in 2 more Ewing saddles on each side of the hook shank.

Now add 2 long strands of silver krystal flash to each side of the body right along the “lateral line”, and some more strands of the copper flashaboo to finish off the flash.

Switch to monofilament thread for the final steps.

Tie on the gill plates with pieces cut from mylar gift wrapping paper or use a short clump of copper flashaboo fibers.

Top off the head with a clump of the natural brown fibers from the white bucktail. By now you should have a fairly good sized head, two tone brown and white with gill plates.

Add gold epoxy eyes and finish with a generous coating of 5 minute epoxy with an emphasis on a smooth symmetrical head.

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