Rowley Stone – Gilbert Rowley

Trout feed on stonefly nymphs year round. This has been the best producing stonefly pattern I’ve fished. The hotspot collar along with the combination of durable materials formed in the outline of a stonefly are a proven success.

This fly was in the R&D stages for over four years before I was finally content with the final product. I’ve been fishing it successfully in both the dark variation, and the golden stone. I typically fish it in a size 6. For deep swift currents I fish this fly with a heavy tungsten bead. If I find myself on a small stream where stoneflies are found to be the food source of choice I fish it with a brass bead. My box is never void of both the tungsten version, and the brass.

I purchase the Net Back Foil from Blue Quill Angler.

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3 Responses to Rowley Stone – Gilbert Rowley

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed this video! Well done.

  2. Thanks for posting my video, and Howard, I’m glad you enjoyed it!