Schultz S4 Sculpin

A Mike Schultz original and super effective on smallmouth. A great early season/ high water fly!



Thread: GSP 100 Olive
Front Hook: Daiichi 2546 Salt Size 1 or 2
Rear Hook: Daiichi 2546 Salt Size 4
Eyes: Pseudo eyes or Tungsten Predator Eyes medium or large, tied on underside of hook
Under Tail Flash: Speckled Flashabou gold, copper or mixed
Tail: Barred or variant rabbit strip “strapped” in

Connection: 30lb Backing
Belly: White Finn Raccoon or Arctic Fox
Body: Rabbit strip wrapped
Collar 1: Grizzly Schlappen, wrapped
Collar 2: Mallard Flank or Lady Amherst
Pec Fins: Grizzly Marabou tied 1 – 2 on each side
Legs: 2-4 Wapsi Silli Legs
Head: Magnum rabbit cut off hide and spun in a dubbing loop
Flash: 2 strands red Holographic Flashabou & 2-3 strands gold or copper Flashabou
Wing(s): Grizzly hackle feathers tied Intruder style

Favorite Colors
: Black/ tan/ peach/ olive

Tying Tips
Slip a tungsten bead behind the dumbbell eyes for added weight.

4 East Cross Street Ypsilanti, MI 48198 (734)-544-1761

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