Screaming Banshee – Charlie Craven

Charlie had this to say today on his Facebook page. “So my Arkansas River streamer plan turned out ok, but the caddis had other ideas…spent all afternoon throwing single Screaming Banshees to rising fish and KILLED it. Twitching, skittering, dead drift, sunk…the Banshee did it all today. What a great fly!

So I thought it would be appropriate to post the video from In The Riffle which shows you how to tie the Screaming Banshee.

Material list:
Hook: #12 – 18 Tiemco 2487
Thread: Brown, Tan or Rusty Brown UTC 70
Forward Wing: Natural Elk Hair
Body: Pearl Flashabou (Charlie uses Small Opal Mirage Tinsel)
Thorax: Rusty Brown Superfine Dubbing
Over Wing: Natural or Medium Coastal Deer Hair

Check out Charlie’s fly shop website here:


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8 Responses to Screaming Banshee – Charlie Craven

  1. The screaming banshee has saved me on the Jordan River many a time.
    Tight Lines!

  2. If it’s got Charlie’s seal of approval it’s good. Thanks Paul!

  3. If it’s got Charlie’s seal of approval than it’s good. Thanks Paul!

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  5. Bill Trubeck

    Great pattern. Would you recommend using a dropper off this fly as with the Clown Shoe Caddis?

  6. Bill-
    This is one of the few flies I don’t fish a dropper off of, purely because it’s just so fun to fish as a single. It has plenty of surface area to hold up a small dropper though. I typically skate and skitter it throughout a drift so it’s pretty active for a dry. A small caddis pupa under it can be effective but really, I prefer it all by its self!