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The Swingin D has been making a lot of noise in the online fly fishing community lately. The word on the street is that it’s a killer smallmouth pattern. In case you have missed it, here is the rundown from Mike Schultz of Schultz Outfitters.

This fly has been doing some major damage for us this season. Time to release the BEAST!
I’ve been working on this for a while. It’s a hybrid pattern using parts and ideas from Tommy Lynch’s Triple D, my original foam headed Meat Whip and Mark Sedotti’s theory’s.

Rear Hook: Gamakatsu B-10S
Tail: Saddle Hackles w/ Flash
Flash: Flashabou of Choice
Rear Body: Senyo’s Predator Wrap Trimmed followed by Rabbit clipped off the hide and spun in dubbing loop
Overwing: Mallard Flank or Silver Pheasant
Front Hook: Gamakatsu Worm (Round Bend)
Connection: 40lb Rio Bite Wire w/ Three 6mm Plastic Beads
Connection Cover: Flashabou of choice
Front Body: Rabbit strip wrapped 2 – 2 1/2 times followed by Senyo’s Predator Wrap Trimmed and wrapped through Rattle (Palmering wraps, Don’t over dress)
Rattle: Large Glass 5mm
Collar: Marabou wrapped tip first (2- 2 1/2 wraps max)
Flash: Flashabou of choice
Wing: Grizzly Hackle, 1 on each side
Throat: Red Palmer Chenille or UV Polar Chenille wrapped to the eye of the hook, Tie off
Head: Rainy’s Foam Diver Head in Small or Medium (Use Gel Super Glue on the Throat before sliding the head over


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  2. Chris Phillips

    Mike, interested to buy a Swingin D and any other good smallmouth flies you may have.