Patty D – Patrick Lombardo


Patty D

This is a pattern called the Patty D by Patrick Lombardo. He was nice enough to take the time to give a step-by-step of the pattern. Take it away Patrick.

I wanted a pattern I could use on various species. I fish a little of everyone. I use this pattern on trout, bass, and steelhead. I wanted a fly that would have various weight without a lot of time at the vise.

Material List:
Hook: 60 degree bend jig hook size 2 to 1/0
Body top: Texas cut on magnum zingers
Body bottom: Angelina fiber or Senyo’s aqua veil chenille
Eye: real eye/ pseudo eyes in various sizes
Head: Senyo’s fusion dub or custom mix of angelina fiber and yarns/furs blended
Thread: UTC 210 denier

and that is the Swinging Patty D!

and that is the Swinging Patty D!

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