The Cedar Sweeper magazine – Vol. 4 Issue 4

The Cedar Sweeper coverChuck Sams has just announced the latest issue of The Cedar Sweeper magazine is available. The Cedar Sweeper is a Michigan fly fishing print magazine with a lot of flavor!

Chuck explains, “The Cedar Sweeper is a magazine about the Michigan Fly Fishing Lifestyle. Fly fishing really is a lifestyle; the people who fly fish are taken with all aspects of the life and just as interested in literature and history as they are in the latest fly patterns and technologically advanced equipment. You will find a little bit of everything about the Michigan Fly Fishing Lifestyle in The Cedar Sweeper.”

Yours truly has an article in this issue about the city of Grand Rapids and its fly fishing opportunities, especially the Grand River. I feel honored to be published in the last two issues of The Cedar Sweeper and this will be my third time. Chuck is doing a fantastic job putting together a quality fly fishing print magazine. To subscribe, see the right side of The Cedar Sweeper blog.

If you’re not sure what a cedar sweeper is, here is an explanation.

A cedar sweeper is a cedar tree that has either fallen into the river or grown out into the river, essentially leaning out over the bank.  Cedar sweepers are pretty unique to northern rivers and huge sources of cover for trout and shade that helps to keep trout waters cool.  The trees are sometimes fresh and green, sometimes they are an orange brown, and sometimes they are nothing but bleached bony wood.  The cedar tree is pretty special; bugs and insects don’t like the sweet fragrant wood so much (that is why we build closets out of it) and moisture really doesn’t have an effect on it.  Therefore, the trees can stand along the river or lie in the river for centuries helping trout thrive.

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