The Hollow Fly – Mad River Outfitters

Pat Kelly, fly manager and guide at Mad River Outfitters teaches you how to tie a premium hollow fly in this fly tying tutorial. For those who know Pat, you know he is addicted to this style of fly and fly tying. You’ll be seeing a lot more from Pat with variations on this theme.

Materials list:
Hook: Partridge Predator 2/0
Thread: UTC 140- White
Tail: White Bucktail
Tail Flash Material: Lateral Scale
Hollow Ties #1-3: White Bucktail
Body Flash Material: EP Sparkle Holographic Silver
Chocklett’s Body Tubing: ¼” Clear
Hollow Tie #4: Fl. Yellow Bucktail
Hollow Tie #5: Fl. Blue Bucktail
Eyes: Pro Sport Fisher Tab Eye- 10mm or Pro Sport Fisher Pro Jungle Cock Large- Blue or Red
Cement: Brushable Zap-A-Gap

Head over to the Mad River Outfitters blog to read more details about this fly.


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  1. Ed Constantini

    Nice presentation, liked Pat’s easy going manner and clear instructions. The hollow fly patterns are great, no spinning of deer hair or making collars, but in the end you can produce an exceptionally realistic baitfish pattern.

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